How Cottrell Distilling works

Cottrell Distilling is a tech-enabled 3PL. We use our proprietary software across our fulfillment network for a cohesive experience. Orders are automatically sent to our warehouses, where inventory is picked, packed, and shipped to your customers.

Streamlined fulfillment from your online store to your customer’s door

Easy and helpful onboarding

Our implementation team sets you up for success with everything from configuring your ship options, to syncing your online store.

Distributed inventory

With Cottrell Distilling network of fulfillment centers, you can strategically split your inventory across our locations to get your products from point A to point B more quickly and affordably.

2-Day Express Shipping Program

Cottrell Distilling 2-Day Express Shipping Program enables fast delivery for all continental US orders for any of our ecommerce store integrations.

Order management

At Cottrell Distilling, we track your orders from A to Z. Filter orders by status, search for specific orders, see a quick timeline view of where your order is in the fulfillment process

Inventory management

At Cottrell Distilling, we empower merchants to manage their inventory with the right tools and guidance. It’s easy to view the status of inventory and quantity on hand across locations at any point in time

Reporting and analytics

To provide you with visibility into our operations and performance, and also hold ourselves accountable, Cottrell Distilling free analytics tool is packed with charts to help you with everything from year-end reporting, to better supply chain decision-making.

"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

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Come and find us at:
4408 Worthington Drive #113
Denton, TX 76207
Come and find us at:
4408 Worthington Drive #113 Denton, TX 76207